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Eyes hurt.... and no drops inna house that can even have a tiny effect on 'em! Gotta zoom to my eye doc tomorrow after my final, provided she's back from her vacation, that is.... cuz the thing spread into my head too, got one doozy of a headache 'ere! and it's just like me, none of the tablets we have in the house even dull the pain.... times like these I wish I wouldn't so 'stubborn' to over the counter tablets.....just strong prescription ones work on me....and even in those cases, some of 'em I gotta take a dozage that's bordering on overdoze for a normal human being... more proof that I ain't normal!!

I'm actually squinting to see the screen 'ere! OI! Good thing I don't have to pay extra attention to the keyboard, because I have an extremely low margin for typos whilst writing things like this....

But anywhooo..... if this persists tomorrow, I've no idea how I'm gonna write the exam... :: Sweatdrop:: aiye.... couldn't start bugging me before? had to be today in the evening?

Well jinxed myself there.... as I said something always comes up right before an important even and BAM.... aiye.... :: beats self onna head, ends up making the headacke even worse:: D'oh!



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