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Holland and such

OKay... got my ticket from Phyllis... paid her $300 cuz that's all I can afford to dig outta my account so far.. need to pay the rest after I get paid this month.... (Note: check on that tomorrow)

Need to sort out my passport tomorrow... will go to the embassy tomorrow to see that... they may be being annoying nad just keeping it in a drawer and not calling us, because they know it's urgent that I get it back NOW! :: glares :: stoopid bureaucracy!

Need to call the German embassy tomorrow too... I may need a transit visa to there as we'll be landing there and taking a car all the way to Ermelo. (I was told we won't need one, but just in case....I don't want to spend a week in handcuffs and get deported back to a place where I no longer have a house to live in let alone I don't know anyone there!!!.....)

I really want to go to Holland...but I don't have much time left to sort things out...
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