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Well looky 'ere....

Well did something i haven't done in years... (no kiddin!) I played the piano in my room which's been standing around gathering dust... drat... my fingers aren't as stretched out as they used to be... those chords on the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" theme are annoying; some of them are 4 note chords which are an octave and a half... O_O I used to play those well after tons of practice... but now I can't.... out of practice.... d'oh...of course the theme itself isn't exactly easy....too many key changes for a start....

one good thing about the piano, I can play it with headphones on so my parents won't bug me to turn the sound down or whatever....need to do this more often....learn some more songs and all...and shtoopid me; I forgot how to read the bass part! D'oh! :: slaps forehead::
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