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Well back at work again.... wish I could stay here forever and not go back home.....this place is so much more fun, even if I'm working here....I like this sort of work.... and the company's fun too! At least they ask me how I'm doing and we get to talk on rather interesting subjects....all my parents ever want to talk about is politics..... :: groan:: I'm sick of it a'ready! And they wonder why I don't like talking to them about stuff... well the stuff I like, they either don't know about or don't like... and the stuff they like, I detest because they talk so much about it!!

Raaarrrr.... found out who one of my teachers is going to be for one of the subjects.... cool guy; I took IACT202 and a subject in my previous college with him. Karl Russel, he's kinda funny, in a way. Mind you I had my fun with him too.... he was talking about something or other in one of the classes, I got bored, so I put on my sunglasses and sat there looking at him with a serious look on my face; the fact that I was wearing black kinda gave me an aura of Secret Service or something to that extent cuz he suddenly paused, and slooooooowly looked my way....then just went "Okay I'm now officially freaked out" I've no idea why I done that, then... just felt like it I guess..... I like teachers with a sense of humor like that.....

Argh gotta go help a person with the scanner.......


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