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trying to finish up a presentation.. I'm so behind on things because of the retreat... (and my lazyness!) UGH I gotta read an e-commerce chapter too... such a boring subject.... :: stiffles a yawn :: I'll probably end up zipping through slides again....

plus I got a report to submit next week..... "Research and compare the online business strategies of two large companies of your choice that are within the same vertical sector." I have no idea what to choose and what to do.... :-/ I'm hoping it'll get shifted by a few weeks, because of the instructor missing a few lectures (like 2, we only had 1 lecture in the past 3 weeks!)

Parents are gripping again... dad's annoyed cuz I'm on the computer all day long... (hey! it's not like I'm surfing! I *can't* surf anything on my computer, I have to go to the comptuer that's connected to the modem... stupid Etisalat!)

think I'm hitting a moment of depression again... haven't eaten anything during the day and I'm not that particularly hungry..... meh...

I don't know, my mind's blank..... completely....
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