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Whoa they got Internet connection here.. (okay it costs 10 bucks an hour.....but.... eh-heh) and okay it IS way past midnight and I *AM* supposted to be asleep..but I'm not... dont' want to wake up my roomie for the night... and I don't really feel like sleeping...

we had fun! did some singing.. some dancing.. some eatin'... some talkin'... some singing.. some excercises for the voice and all... fun! then we got together and had dinner.. after that did some more fun stuff and then had 'play time' which is where we just got around tables and had drinks and talked..... at about 11PM people started turning in.... until there were about four of us ( two leads and a bass)...we went to the bar upstairs to play a little pool....ended up singing onstage ... was hilarious...I'm a party animal according to the other 3 people who I was with.. Mwahahah! (not in a bad way mind you!!!)

I don't wanna wake up me roomie!!! and no I'm not drunk!!! I can still spell properly... I've only had a half a pint of a Foster's.... (darned bar, no simple thing as water!!! OY) I think coffee and beer isn't a good combo.. d'oh!


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