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Waiting for Darky plus.... stuff

Waiting for Darky to finish his class..... then I gotta indure his haphazard driving until we get home.... 100MPH on the road, no problem... doesn't care if the radars catch him or if the way he drives makes the car act weird after some time... (well it's not the way he drives, more like the way he breaks.... we gotta change the tyres far too often......)

Worked for four hours in the library.. was supposted to do two, but I wanted to hang around more, and Maureen didn't mind...not like I'm going to put the extra time on my timesheets.... I'm not doing this for the money.... and d'oh! walked off with my name tag again! smart move, Jess... now EVERYONE knows your name... not that they didn't before... they did... they always do.. I get people walking up to me and going "HI!" and I just go "HI!" :: thinking "who are you? ":: granted when you work in the library you see a lot of people coming and going and people see you, they tend to remember you... you you just remember those who are more or less frequent at the library....well and the troublemakers...

Mind you this isn't the first time I walked off with my name tag on... there were a few times I didn't notice I had it on after I left a supermarket.....or the fuel station.... or one of those public places where people give you the weird look just cuz you got a name tag on.....

Got a class tomorrow.... read chapter last week.. will go over the slides tomorrow...

I gotta headache... probably because of the fact that I only had a foot long Veggie Delite Subway sandwich during the entire day....

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