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Freelin' ISP

Hate my ISP... I can use chat programs and browse a few webpages, but the ones that I really need (like, SGO, etc) I can't access without first opening and closing the browser several times. They're trying to block people on networks from using the net (you have to have a seperate connection, and that's like an extra 70 bucks a month for each computer; and how many houses nowadays DON'T have a network, no matter how small???)

Everything's so slow loading, that I really can't believe I'm even on an 11K modem! I'm supposted to be on ADSL....and it does weird things like doing things twice/thrice instead of once after you click 'ok' once.... hence why I deleted one of my comments on your LJ, judetherat. Sorry about that....

plus, 'real' mail (i.e. mail I actually need) has been bouncing from my emirates account but I keep getting spam... :: slaps Etisalat:: other way around morons! they do everything backwards here... yes ok they got spam filters and such, but
a) you need a degree in astrophysics to figure out how to enable them, let alone configure them
b) they're not taking ANY steps whatsoever in stopping spam but expect us to do it, yes we might as well be the ISP instead of them!
c) they got an AntiVirus scanner (Norton) which has a hissy fit whenever it sees McAfee (but Etisalat didn't tell anyone which brand of AV scanner they got, you gotta go in there and dig around and find it out for yourself....and you don't have to be a genius to know that any two brands of an AV installed on a single machine will have a hissy fit upon seeing eachother and cause the computer to do funny things) before I disabled the Etisalat's AV; they sent me e-mail every day saying "there's been a virus found in this message" and there are no headers, no message, no nothing, so I dont' think they're tellin' the truth there....they're just sending out the little notices to show us that 'look we're doing our jobs!; we're sending you more spam and you can't do anything about it! HAH!' disabled that little joke of theirs, McAfee tells me when I get a virus, and it's rare, not every single day!

I'm using Opera, which works for most part, with a few annoyances from a few websites.. LJ included for some reason.... it won't load the actual journal or the friends journal.. so I have to use IE for that and that works half the time...

Ja know if they'd have blocked it completed I'd be better off than them blocking it partially.. I can use chat software just fine, but browsing stinks.... it's not blocked, at least not fully.... and I don't know how to unblock it or bypass it.... :-/

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