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mmmmmmm mooooooovies.....and.. etc

Well went to a movie with a couple of friends....oughta make a wish.. haven't been to the cinema in ages... we watched "The Last Samurai" was good actually.... considering I'm not really for those mass killing scene movies.... Last Samurai kinda reminded me of the Shogun mini-series they showed ages ago based on a book, which I'm still looking for....then I got hit by all the problems I got with my life at the moment on the way home... was good to forget about them for a few hours tho'... oh well

toying with powerpoint templates, I'm making my own for my presentations.... don't want to use the one I used last semester with the same instructor; but I liked that template, I'll use it for my other subject tho'....

I need some good images from stargate or trek or something which can be used for background images.... I don't want to use those with people in 'em; or wish ships, unless it's an outline or something.. otherwise that's no good for a presentation.....

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