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:: sighs:: good thing this nonsense of a semester will be over soon.... (like thus Sunday!) I dont' know why I have to take Accounting... as a non-accounting or finance major I don't need to know anything beyond the basic definitions from Accounting.. I mean someone tinkering with computer networks AND doing the company's accounts? I don't think these two even mix....

When this is over, I swear I'm going to sit down and watch Stargate SG1 Season 3 DVDs after I come back from work on Monday, before I go to work on Tuesday and after I come back from work on Wednesday and all Thursday and Friday! Then it's back to uni on Saturday for a whole new semester of fun and hard work.... aiye... Autumn session is from 20th September till 16th January 2004. Minus one week Eid along the way and a week of study recess.... Four subjects..... plus work... I've no idea how I'm going to fit that in, but I'll have to I'll have to squeeze in the MBI/SK RPG sessions in there hoping I won't have morning classes on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays; or at least on two of these days.... I just came back in there, I don't want to leave again! College or no college! Then of course there's SGO and TMA which I gotta Administer/Moderate....but seeming I have a tendency to be on there 24/7 whether in college or at work, and do whatever is needed (unless it's an FTP, for that I have to come home and do it from there).... but SGO is my primary responsibility (and people behave on TMA, more or less, so I don't have to sit there with a stick waiting to slap someone for misbehaving) I gotta take care of that...

No idea when I'll find the free time to do all that, and get a rest and maybe watch a few DVDs and all, but as they say, "you want something done ask a busy person"


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