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Curious..... from all us coffee addicts....

Browsing Psychology Today website.. here's something interesting...

The amount of caffeine in some common foods and beverages is as follows:
• Coffee, brewed—40 to 180 milligrams (mg) per cup
• Coffee, instant—30 to 120 mg per cup
• Coffee, decaffeinated—3 to 5 mg per cup
• Tea, brewed American—20 to 90 mg per cup
• Tea, brewed imported—25 to 110 mg per cup
• Tea, instant—28 mg per cup
• Tea, canned iced—22 to 36 mg per 12 ounces
• Cola and other soft drinks, caffeine-containing—36 to 90 mg per 12 ounces
• Cola and other soft drinks, decaffeinated—0 mg per 12 ounces
• Cocoa—4 mg per cup
• Chocolate, milk—3 to 6 mg per ounce
• Chocolate, bittersweet—25 mg per ounce

and....symptoms of caffeine overdose include:
• Difficulty sleeping
• Muscle twitching
• Confusion
• In and out of consciousness
• Increased urination
• Increased thirst
• Death
• Fever
• Difficulty breathing
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Irregular heartbeat
• Rapid heart beat
• Convulsions

Now here's my question... why is death in the middle of the list? heck, why is death *ON* the list... who died from caffeine overdose and how many cups of coffee they drunk? I had 14 cups one day and all it did was make me hyper.......where'd they get these 'symptoms' from I wonder?

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