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assignments, my own and Darky's

Sick of reading manuals..done with Darky's essay..(I ask again who's the Postgraduate student here: him or me?!)

started my IACT301 assignment number 2.. the essay which is due March 9th..... got enough research for it based on my reading in the past; just need the correct references from the books at home....This is the topic “A network can never be 100% secure, moreover, it is an issue of managing the risks involved to reasonable levels” Discuss your understanding of the various risks posed to a network and how they may be protected against. In your analysis focus on the inverse relationship between security and user convenience, provide examples.

I started with this:
"Almost every single day we hear about one company or another company having their security compromised and/or their network broken into by hackers and crackers. Most of us think “it will never happen to me”; but, it will, and chances are it already has. Simply said, just because you don't know it happened does not mean it didn't happen at all. A network, no matter how small, is not and never will be 100% secure no matter what measures the administrator(s) or the users of the network will take to protect themselves and their network from unwanted ‘guests’. Even if you are a home Internet user, who is to say no one is watching you every time you log on to check your e-mail? Someone, somewhere out there in the world of the Internet, is watching and waiting to strike." but then I thought... looks more like a conclusion to me....drum roll anyone? ^_^;

found some articles to talk about next week... currect electronic security issues....
Thinking of using one of these.... but I'm not sure which is the true one, since clearly they talk about the same thing but one describes it one way and the other one in a totally different way... these guys have been known to contradict eachother alot...
similar article on CNN

This is a curious one

And here's an interesting one

choices choices.. OY

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