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Lesse... 2 subjects.... 6 assignments...4 of them due by the beginning of March... UGH.... eBusiness presentation next week, Security issues assignment 1 due next week as well... security assignment is mini talks/presentation of sorts; presentation based on the current security threat (loads of those around)... I don't actually mind presentations.... I like them... course they are a bit more difficult if the topic is "HUH?!?" which it is a bit in eBusiness...case study thing....gotta answer these questions.... --- > Imagine you are the director of a competitor firm. Unlike the case study you have just come across, your company not only does not have an e-commerce solution but it has not even considered one. What do you do in response? Do you go online or stay off-line? Do you mimic the competition or do you differentiate yourself? How? What particular business patterns are you considering using? And what are some of the hurdles you foresee? Discuss costs and benefits. My case study's in building houses or something.. there's a business I haven't considered going into!

Then two weeks later I got a report to hand in and an essay due on the same week..

Business plan isn't due until April 12th, but the seminar thig can be due anywhere from March 16th till April 27th, depending on the order he'll have us present.....oh and I got one group work thing amongst those assignments....the business plan.. which is icky! I hate group work....I end up doing all the work and tearing my hair out because no one else is working but getting the grades for it. Out of all the group work I've done in college.. only about 2 of them where were the people did do the work assigned to them....rest are just free loaders off everyone else...

That's it!!! No more sleep on weekends!!!

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