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Ehrm.... ya...... just got back home from work and running errands and whatnot.... aiye...... at least it's end of the week here.... but noooooooo I gotta study for my final on Sunday............ so no time off for me I guess

Donated a few books to the library today.... some where from my own collection, others I bought especially for the library. At times I go through my book collection and shift through books and whatnot... since I started working at the library, as I go through my book collection I take out the books I haven't read in ages and give them to the library where they'll be used instead of lying on the shelves gathering dust... I can always go out and buy more books to fill up the empty shelf space... :P (or just buy more shelves, but I think my parents will definetely notice the addition of a new shelf..... they don't look into my books that much, I got tons of 'em anyway) we did order extra shelves at work today...the 400 (English) section got a lousy shelf, with no supports from the top, just from where the books stand, which is annoying because when you pull the side support off, the whole thing falls over because the books are so thin!!!

Got an e-mail from an old classmate of mine, back from school...around '96 or so; no idea where he is, he tried calling my old number which is disconnected, so I guess he's probably here somewhere..... dunno what'll happen there...

Otherwise pretty much a slow day....


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