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Bryan Adams Live too hard to describe... great show... all 104 minutes of it!.... great music coming from a great guy and his band!

My ears are still ringing from the sound!

Bryan and Keith did a duet on "It's Only Love"; was amusing...He was like "this next one is my first duet I ever recorded.... I was 25 at the time so you can imagine... Tina Turner.. WHOA! But tonight...... we don't have her.... but we have the next best thing; Keith Scott on the lead guitar!"

plus the riffs they did on most songs were great and nifty! Bryan live rules! Of course he rules any other way too.... ^_^ Really lively performance, he definitely enjoys perfoming live.

That and with any other band, it'd be odd to see two guys in their 40's running/jumping around the stage with their gutairs like kids....with any other band....but Bryan's band isn't any other band....

Note to all the people who think Vegeterianism/Veganism doesn't get you the vitamins you need... WROOOOOONG! Bry's a vegan and look at him go!!! most meat-eaters his age are already tired of life, and Bryan leads a life which is rather hectic too... Tours, hotels, flying to places, performing, writing, recording, etc etc... not exactly an easy life!

Oh and Di... didn't give him a hug physically; mentally however....
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