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Oy vey...7 cars

Excellent way to start a day.. get into a 7 car accident on Emirates road... yep.... 7 cars... 2 small trucks... 1 normal car, our bus, a SAAB, and a huge truck (that caused it)..I'll back up a tad.... hate when people drive too close to one another as that indeed results in chain accidents like this one, and we sure got a lot of those here.

Anyway... guy 2 cars in front of up braked all of a sudden, so we all braked, our bus was like a hairline away from the Toyota ahead of us. Then we hit it. some people on the bus paniked and all... well.. we lost the back windshield completely. SAAB behind us was totaled...and I mean totalled (they took the guy to the hospital, concussion and a twisted shoulder I recon) he was hit by the huge truck from behind so he got most of the jolt.

some people got out started looking at the damage to their car and the guy in SAAB because he wasn't getting out but holding his head. I got out, ran a quick glance at the scene and called the police. (someone had to...) must say their responce time stinks... 20 minutes to get to us. I mean if we had serious injuries people would've died for sure! Suppose they do have a chopper ready but I've never seen one in action.

During those twenty minutes of waiting of course people who were driving around they had to stop for a look. It's so interesting to see other people with problems... A few drivers of the trucks and I was waving them to go through, without stopping (it's annoying how they just stare, some even LAUGH and point) I had to knock on the windhseld/side window for some of those idiots to move on before I smashed the windows....It's extremely annoying how they stare and all... had an urge to stop one guy and beat the crap outta him because he was pointing at the guy in SAAB and laughing! Swear some of them have no heart whatsoever!

Anyway....police came, sorted it out and etc. we went to change busses, then drove to Beach Road campus. Grabbed another bus to go to KV then called a cab... had to wait for ages... like 25 minutes and it's bloody freezing outside becauase of the wind and a sandstorm.. (still knocking the sand outta my ears)

Came to Mobilities, one guy there started making jokes about the accident ( I called ahead to tell them I'll be late).. I just went "For your sake... *don't* start with me...." he backed off, don't think that would go down too well on my appraisal but meh.

I am not amused at the moment.....I feel like this is a "let's all gang up and annoy Jess" day... :: grumbles::

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