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Well this is fun...talked to my boss today. She is in the Dubai Harmony Chorus; and before she left for her vacation, we agreed that I'd get into it once she comes back, the chorus's starting on Tuesday 16th Septmember; and I gotta go there and they'll check my voice range and tell me where I'm supposted to be in.... I think I'm a Soprano/Alto. Will have my mom check and verify after I come back from work and all.

This oughta be fun, since I've been singing on stage since I was about 6 or so....granted most of my latest work were solos and all; harmonising is a little bit different, but I think I can manage. Besides the last few years I haven't really gotten any live gigs or anything of that sort, so the only singing I've been doing was at home...

We'll see what happens on the 16th! provided I won't end up with a sore throat... ^_^

They practice every Tuesday from 7PM till 10PM (with breaks obviously) so there wont' be any clashes with work or college for me...

First on the menu are Christmas songs!

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