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Well things are lookin' up somewhat

spoke to Karl about the photocopier incident(s)... he said he'll back me up 100%, because those jerks out there aren't doing their jobs, and this isn't the first complaint he'd had.....

And the student for whom I did the photocopying left a complaint with the library regarding the services (or lack of) of student services.... so that's two 'Aces' in my wallet to use when I speak to Jane about this on Sunday....( I dont' want to loose my job because I was trying to help a library user and ended up doing someone else's job and snapping at the guy that I was doing his job...serves him right, still) Mind you it's a good thing I can control my sarcasm to an extent..... so I wasn't overly sarcastic and nasty to him, although I'm quite positive I would've been way more sarcastic if this happened today...I'm just hoping I won't snap on Sunday and say something completely wrong....

Mohammed Meraj (the guy who I told off) is too full of himself, he just got this job; so he's walking around going "LOOK AT ME I'M FULL-TIME STAFF!!!" I think it's about time someone told him 'and? but? so? therefore?' okay he's full time staff but he's still an a-hole!

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