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Random musings for next week

Found the remote from the screengrabber yesterday night… it was inside a box which was inside another box…how do they expect me to find anything in this house if it’s inside something else which is totally unrelated to what I’m looking for? Er… did that make sense? :: scratches head:: meh…

First day back to the internship…(can’t call it work… ain’t getting paid for it) just realized my back has been under horrible strain for the last few days/weeks…hurts like heck… OY… three more days then two days ‘off’ then college resumes… got it planned okay so far… (am I gonna be tired by the end of the semester or what?!) need to figure out my library timings tho’.. ‘s the only place I can rest at recently… library… kinda funny since it’s considered my job… nice in another way.. rest at work… no I’m not lazy or doing nothing there… I’m working, but I’m not really feeling the strain of things and yadda.. I’m just…well weird…

I didn’t sleep that well tonight.. don’t know why… it’s not like I had tons of coffee the night before or something… I only had one cup ….(then again it could be withdrawal from not drinking at least 2 grande cups of American coffee in a day) I better sleep during the weekend.. otherwise, I don’t’ know how I’ll be next week… Got the NetScreen exam sometime next week, (date undecided so far) plus the BA concert,,, (no way I’m sleeping there! But I don’t want to go there dead tired either….)


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