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What am I, Mrs Do-everybody's-jobs-and-my-own now ......???

Y'know.. it's a royal pain in the neck when you have to do your job AND the jobs of the student staff at the front desk.....

Okay so a library user wanted to photocopy some close reserve readings (CRS is 2 hour loan in the library, can't take home....can photocopy on campus) students at the student services desk told her that the photocopiers are broken (we have 2 on campus, one for staff other for student services) they said both were borken. Staff one was....However... here's the annoying bit.... the student services photocopier wasn't broken..I don't call the fact that you have to manually put the pages on the glass to photocopy 'em, as broken...yes the process is more time consuming than just putting the pages on the top tray and let the photocopier do it's job; but the quality of the photocopying is the same if you put the pages on the glass and flip them over... yeah it's time consuming, but does it mean the thing's broken? NO! it just means the morons there are lazy and don't want to do their jobs! (how I know the other one was working, is becuase a few days ago I was photocopying a subject outline there for a student the same way......) { you know you're getting lazy when you think putting pages in by hand means the photocopier is broken......} Karl was in there, got annoyed at a student because he said he didn't know how to use the photocopier and Karl needed some stuff photocopied STAT, I told him I'll do it despite the fact that I just walked in and saw that photocopier for the first time... I did Karls' copies and mine.... what's funny is.."I haven't seen this photocopier before...i don't know how to use it" newsflash.. little green button or big green button usually means START PHOTOCOPYING... little orange/red button usually means CANCEL PHOTOCOPYING.. numbers onna pad usually mean how many copies you want... which planet's photocopier did he use before, I wonder?!!?

Anyhow, the student came back and told me about the fact that they told her the photocopiers weren't working....I knew better... went there told 'em I want the reading photocopied, they said it wasn't working properly..I said I'll do it myself and went in there to do it; saw onna the guys who are supposted to be working there playing with his mobile phone...shrugged that off started photocopying... one of the students came in and leaned onna door way inna nasty way and started watching me.. that's when I ran out of paper.. asked him where the paper was, he hands me over two sheets (did I want to deck him there, or what..... ) i tell him I need more paper, he gives me some more I put the paper in the photocopier and tell the guy to photocopy the pages because I have things to do in the library.... he just goes "I won't hear the phone ring" I just went "for cryin outloud! there are two of you in there, she can answer the phone .. or leave the bloody door open!" he just shook his head, I felt like slapping mine (and beating his with a baseball bat) whilst I continued, whilst the guy's watching me still.. I just go "are you aware that I'm doing your job here? I have things to do in the library yet I'm here doing YOUR job" he just went "are you angry?" I said "if I were angry you'd be lying motionless on the floor" (wanted to say 'if I were angry they'd carry you out in a body bag tonight' but alas....) he smiled in a cocky way and just went 'no no I don't think so" (you've no idea how HARD was it for me to fight the urge to proove him wrong on that one.... I decked a guy on a bus before, this wouldn't be different except I would've prolly lost my job for sure on that one..onna bus was different.. that wasn't on the job...)

I just glared at him and continued photocopying.. then another guy came in and told me that I wasn't allowed in because they had 'secure' stuff in there (yes... lets see.... door's open....there are empty McDs, Hardees bags and Pizza boxes lying around plus the empty cans.... secure... really? could've fooled me...) and I had to use the staff photocopier {I would if it was WORKING!} i told that guy "if you could do your job properly I wouldn't be here; but since apparently you are too lazy to handle a simple query from a patron in the library i'm doing it myself" he was clearly pissed at that and just went "do you know you're talking to a full staff member? leave now or I'll call security" (ooooh I'm sooo scared) I told him I'll leave when I'm done with what I'm doing.. he left and called security... (here's where it gets funny... according to law here, male security/police officers aren't allowed to even touch females as far as I know) so the security guy walks in and goes "ma'am?" I hold up my hand as I push the green button on the photocopier and go "I'm busy" he stands behind me without saying anything then leaves....

So anyway.. I finish what I'm doing and give the pages to the student.. but boy did those idiots at the front desk royally piss me off! Okay so I am the type of person who'll go the extra mile and do what's needed....boy did I feel daggers in my back when I strode off from there... sure glad I wore the boots that make that 'clank clank' sound when you walk on the floor... for dramatic effect....Mwahaha....

I am content on seeing heads roll for this though.....will have to talk to a few people after Eid and see if I can lodge a formal complaint after talking to Jane about this on Saturday.....


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