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Interneship + rant about theoretical vs practical approach

Okay here's the thing..before I do any real work in here, I have to get my do that I have to theory.... because the questions are mostly about theory... grrr... I'm more of a hands-on person... it's more fun and interesting and useful that way... especially when you're talking about computers and the theory can be more important here I don't know.. I mean okay, you have to know theory and all, but not concentrate on theory 99% of the time! You actually have to *KNOW* how to configure this and that as opposed to just read about the procedure of configuring this and that...

Besides, I don't think theory is that important as long as in the end the thing works! That's what the bosses think... if they ask you to configure a firewall, they're not going to ask you what's behind that, they'll want it working no matter what and how....

I mean I don't know much about theory in electronics and satellites and all, but I know enough to make them work whenever they're broken...I know enough to fix them and fix them right and not by "hmm lets see what this does" yes at first it was that, but after awhile I actually knew WHY is does that without reading any books about it; books that more often than not go into theory so deep that you fall asleep on the first line or thereabouts!

Allright so there are advantages to knowing the theory, I am not saying 'forget theory, let's all practice now!' what I'm saying is 'stop concentrating on theory most of the time when you should be concentrating on practical bits more' It's just a matter of how you approach something, I guess.. I'm more or less of a practical person, not theoretical...ask me how it works I won't know, but if it's possible I'll show you better than any book! I mean my mom doesn't know much about the Internet and all, but she often calls me up on how to access the Internet and check a spare part number on a database. The way I explain it (even on the phone!) is no extra bits and pieces she doesn't need to know, just the steps she needs to take to open the browser and load the page and type the numbers in... the way Darky explains it; mom often gets a headache and gets lost after that.. again.. difference of approach.. he's more theoretical whilst I'm more practical....


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