Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Since there's nothing awfully important going on in my life I'll talk about my kitty....
My kitty... Richard

:: hug:: ain't he cute?
This was taken a few months ago, he's a bit bigger now. Need to take more pics..... I try to take photos of him when he's asleep in cute positions or when he's crawled into something that looks funny.... He likes this snake that's on my bed, always curls up inside it and sleeps. Don't have a picture of that here at work, but I think I got some I can upload at home... He loves sleeping on my sound system at home, which is right under a window; silly cat, already fell off there once or twice after stretching.... He does funny things at times too, I teach him tricks; oughta take some photographs of that too sometime. See they say cats always land on their feet, Richard doesn't at times. Silly cat.... and I know he's doing it on purpose too....

Anyway.. back to work.... ahem...


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