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Changed my layout... don't know.. got bored maybe?

Just work at the library today... from 12:30 till 6:30... was supposted to be till 4:30 but being the workaholic I am when it comes to the library......ahem....

Oh well...

You know it's funny, people talk in the library you tell 'em to be quiet they ignore you; tell them to shut up they do...for about 5 minutes.... then resume talking... that's with freshmen/undergrads, with postgrads...well they're a lot less troublesome, for one thing they don't spend their time in the library talking on the phone or chatting to their friends...they come there to study...

oh well....weird thing, my right hand is freezing cold whilst my left hand isn't... wondering what that is all about because this isn't the first time this is happening....

SGO forums having trouble... database got screwed up for some reason... grrr


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