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Got a job interview.. well an internship interview on Sunday at 9:30's about that security seminar we had that I attended, apparently they liked me enough to ask Karl if he could send them my CV and Karl talked to them about me I guess, well I talked to them too, but a teacher's recommendation is higher than my own, so....I got a call from them today!

Talked to Karl afterwards, ran into him at work; he was like "did Ali or Hussam call you?" (the guys from that company) I told him yes, he told me how they said they were looking for interns from my Uni and "particulary that red-head who sat at the front during the seminar" meaning me... ^_^;

Gotta rethink my schedule though. Internship lasts 3 months; and I'm planning on taking 5 subjects plus work at the library; don't want to miss the chance, so I may take 2 or so subjects and do the Internship plus work at the library; otherwise I may as well move INTO Knowledge Village because I'll be hanging out there more often than at home!


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