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Cleared out the english section at work today..... hate that section..... books are so thin you have to pull 'em out to read the call numbers..... and when you pull one out the rest flop over a-la dominos...... at least it's fixed and the books are all in order now.......'least until next time the ESL session starts... which oughta be sometime in September.... not sure yet.....nothing on our calendar about it...... yet anyway.....

Wha' else? Darky picked me up yesterday with his GF.... grrr.... not only did the moron CALL me when I was in class sitting for my Computer exam (which he knew about), but he kept calling me after I rejected his calls, call after call because we're not allowed to talk on the phone during classes yet alone exams...phones are supposted to be on silent... How thick do ya have to be? Especially since he knows my schedule... I'm not free before 2130, so why call me at 2100? If I was free earlier I'd call and say I'm free...... sheeesh! Use your brain.. or does it only go in one direction?

and his driving....he's not driving he's FLYING! going 120KPH inna 60KPH zone.... going 100KPH over roundabouts where you're supposted to go reasonable slow because of all the turns and other cars around you........ wouldn't care if he did this sorta thing whilst I wasn't there but when I'm there, well I'd like to get home in one piece, thank you very much.....

he borrowed dad's MR-V because he left his keys in the ignition of his car overnight and the battery died because he didn't completely turn the ignition off......thick-o! Then he calls up dad and asks him to check whether his car can start up (knowing darn well that dad doesn't like stupidity like that and would get mad, which he did) then starts yellin' at dad that he called not to hear his lectures but to ask whether dad can check the car.... Uhm.... life or death situation? we were about 5 minutes drive from home, couldn't he do it himself when we got back instead of getting dad mad at him and vice versa? Boy needs to move out, soon... (to Siberia would be nice........)


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