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Parents' 30 year wedding anniversary.. went to a bar.... why do they only have beer and alcohol in there? My head's swaying from Foster's...aiye..what no one serves water anymore in these places?

in other news.. I got a second CD-ROM drive today... only for 27 bucks, from Ruel in IT support at our uni. darned thing is faster than my CD-Writer! And it's not available in the market here, they get their stuff from overseas, which is nifty....I *may* upgrade my mother board at some point next year...the one I have supports DRAM which stinks for USB ports, and is the reason my computer slows down and hiccups whenever I turn on my external hard disk....hence why I try not to turn it on unless I need to dig out my CD collection, which is stored on there...aiye...

Anywho... off to in the morning...

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