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My dream watch...

The watch I have my eyes on... sadly I can't afford the watch just yet....(I know I have expenceive taste! It's a good thing I despise jewelry!) I figure after a decade (plus a few years, I worn the darned thing since grade 5 I think!) of wearing a Casio electronic watch I deserve something else...

mom thinks it's a guy's watch.. (duh, look at the company name!) I don't care; the Casio I'm wearing isn't exactly a girl's watch either...(mom seems to think I need a feminine watch on which I can't see squat in terms of numbers so it'll only be on my arm as an accessory... sorry I want a watch that actually does it's job.. TELLS THE TIME; a watch isn't a friggin' accessory that sticks around one's arm for 'fashion' purposes!!(which is what the watch is for in my mom's opinion)) besides I don't give a rat's tail what in mom's opinion other people will think; I've seen women wearing huge sports watches; who'll object to me wearing this one? Sides it's not like they have to marry me; and with all the crud people wear nowadays do you really think people will care about a watch? 's not like it falls off my hand or looks huge! It's roughly the same size as my Casio, (except my Casio's square) Breitling's kinda slick, which is one of the reasons why I like it...

May end up buying it without parents knowing about it.... as usual...time to completely save paychecks!!!


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