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People..AIYE! just got a call at work from someone who wanted to renew her books....I told her to write down the new due date on the due date slips, she was like "Oh you want ME to write it down?" After I hung up, I told Mubasher (another librarian here) aboud this then just went :: mimicking the caller's voice:: "Oh you want ME to write it down?" ::my own voice:: "no I'm just gonna come over there with my due date stamp and stamp 'em for you" That got a laugh.. good thing I work 'ere, otherwise I'd have been kicked out for making noise..... ^_^;

's like, people hear you talk in a foreign language (lessay French) or something then they walk up to you and say (in French) "Do you speak French?" I always get the urge to say "No you're just hearing things" or something similar to that.

or when a person's in great deal of pain and someone says "Are you allright?" (granted Jess would answer this question in a one worded "FINE" even if she's dyin' but anyway...) I just get the urge to say "No I just got the urge to make use of my acting classes and see how many will believe me"

I can go on and on about statements said by some people that make me want to strangle them or something similar.... I can probably write a book about these things not to mention some of the answers people give to some of my questions if they heard wrong.... I asked dad how mom was and he went (thinking I was asking about Richard, my cat) "curled up on the table and sleeping"

human mind... OY! Speaking before thinking or answering before understanding the question.... that's a problem with a lot of people out there innit it?

Anywho, back to work...... still got a bunch of books to enter into the catalog


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