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Oooh looky...

Oooh look I found the "for more options, click here" link at the bottom.... Now ain't THAT special?

No I'm not going to update my Live Journal every time I do something like that....... just the first three weeks.... kiddin'!!!!

Was with a classmate of mine today doing that silly Accounting Practice Set... why is it people suddenly get those strange odd looks on their face when they hear I'm a vegeterian? (stop lookin' at me like that! yes you.....I am a vegeterian, now deal with it.....) granted I'm a picky date (which should probably explain why I'm still single....) but on the other hand I'm also a cheap date, cuz face it, fruits and vegetables are generally cheaper than meat and you have to spend time cooking the meat too! So guys, you date me, you save money.... :P :: watches swarms of mail coming in from male readers of the LJ:: (NOT)

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