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ECTE 291 report

Yay done with my report! Just have to print out the title page on a colored printer tomorrow and get it bound; then hand it in.

I really oughta start studying for my finals; one more week then a study break then finals. Can't screw them up; am already set to do 5 subjects next semester because of a screw up. Don't want anymore.

What is extremely annoying is that I study my butt off, then get crummy grades; whilst some morons who don't bother studying cheat off of someone else and pass with flying colors. My folks end up saying I don't study hard enough.... right let's see, I don't go out anywhere, when I come home I'm in front of my computer not chatting, but working on this or that; or reading the text book or a book relevant to the subject at hand; I don't read novels during the semesters anymore. So how exactly am I not studying hard enough?!

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