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didn't get to bed until something like 5 am. and even then I wasn't too sleepy. my mind's been in overdrive with things. writing/plotting mostly.

upgraded the horizon's forums today to 3.6.1.  took awhile, I FUBARed the SQL database because i tried uploading one where I removed the junk char sets so the posts can be read clearly, and apparently i mucked something up there.

I'm still waiting for 'em to release the Darkness skin for 3.6. that was a neat skin, and we had it modded for the Horizon quite nicely too. Need to do something with the 'rizon's website too, but... guh.. just dunno what/how.  Wish I could whip up somethin' shiny, but my talents lie elsewhere.

edit: and guess who set this to private again...? genius, eh?
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