Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

ugh... English as Second Language students finished last week... today the teachers brought in all the materials they borrowed..... I keep wondering if it's possible to get CTS by using the bar code scanner at work too much in an hour.. must've scanned in about 300 things..... (no exaggeration, stuff's still onna 'to be shelved' trolley; and no I don't think I'll be having any nightmares with huge bar-code scanners chasin' after me) now i'm going through each and every book and checking the record to make sure they're not marked 'off campus' which is where they were during the ESL job! Especially since I'm very picky about details...waaaaaaaay too picky at times, but whatcha gonna do? If you're a librarian you kinda have to be picky about details and whatnot.....

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