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Writing 'inspiration' ?

Hmm I think I found a CD to write by...'Firefly' and Serenity soundtracks.  yeah the writing is not a whole lot easier, but the mood's sorta there , and kind of helps me come up with words. if only WinAmp didn't crash so much.

but.... as a means to beat my 'block' of sorts, I've taken up a few cameos in my TFs simms. Thus far I'm helping launch the Relentless and the USS Gemini. And nevermind that officially IC, Jackie's in a coma.... Maybe it's just the Horizon I need to take a step back from to 'relax' a bit and get writing again.  Thus far I've maned to write a 3 page 'intro' post of sorts, that's taken me a few days to write, and I'm still not pleased with it, but at least it's done; and it seems to bring Jackie back a bit.  Even if she's 'out of her element' of sorts, by not being on the Horizon. Which might be a good thing.  It doesn't make it much easier to write in terms of getting the character and hearing the character again, but at least this is a good start to things going back on track.

I hope....

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