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Oy vey....


Given all the construction going on in this country and how they'd like ot be known as a developing country (quickly developing at that) and given how much cash they spend on all this...something like a 5-hour power cut stalls everything easily. BUt then it's that time of the year, when the powergrids overload because people have too much crud plugged in and the power station(s) can't take it. 

Makes you wonder if they want to spend the money wisely and take some action to upgrade the power stations so they can handle things in the ever growing heat. but no, they'd rather build another gorram bridge or steal the latest idea in 'oooh they have a metro, we'll have a bigger metro! and oooh ooh let's all start building it AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!' *headdesk*  or the 'oooh shiny! let's rip off DisneyLand! and call it.... DUBAILAND!' How friggin' original....

thankfully I was outta the house for most of the morning. Me and dad ran a few errands, picking up parts and shopping for food and such.  I was a bit twitchy when we got to the fuel station to refuel and I smelled the gasoline, boy did THAT bring back a few... flashbacks of things. *sideglance* yeah....quite vivid too, thankfully dad didn't notice me being on edge there. I was half expecting someone to catch fire. go figure. O.o not quite sure what to make of it.

and my shoulder's not doing any better :/ neither is my hand. Can't type clearly with the right hand, so i'm typing mostly with the left one. (Gave up depending on typing with the right one when I was talking to FG in the wee hours of the morning and my 'speech' was nothing but typos on top of typos... )O.o  wrist support time mebbe...Dunno what to do about the shoulder aside taking it easy with it. but will I do it? not until it's fallin' off!  still got spare parts that me and dad brought back today to sort out through....

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