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Gotta pick up mail today.....haven't been to the post office in a week or so... I still don't have X-Mas gifts or Birthday presents for people.... :S need to get out... maybe this Thursday at City Center in Dubai before our chorus performance... I really NEED to get prezzies and cards if I want to send them out on time; so that people can receive them on time too....

Apologies in advance to people who may receive theirs late....Although just rjtremor is getting a prezzie, the rest are getting X-mas cards... I can't afford sending presents to everyone I know this year! Sorry guys shipping and handling from UAE is a killer on the wallet!!

And sagesk I need to kick myself in the head and send you your EXTREMELY belated birthday gift ::sweatdrop:: .... right after I get one more thing I've seen in Mercato yesterday.

and yes I'm definitely going to have to dig into my bank account to pay for things....Showtime receiver set me back a tad financially....oh well at least Showtime gave me 11 credits for Home Cinema for free..... ^_^


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