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Grrr.... computer being a twit.. I gotta reformat it...

I don't klnow what the heck went wrong whilst I took a nap ( a rare occurence, but I think i'll stop since these sorts of things happen later on..) but the computer kept rebooting itself without even coming into the operating system... 's bloody annoying..

I re-installed XP, but that deleted (not removed or uninstalled) all my programs (left the folders and registry keys tho'.. Bill Gates is a am I supposted to install anything if it keeps telling me "you already have it installed, I'm not going to install anything"??? )

am copying a few files to my External hard disk.. mostly college crap that I don't need to lose right now..... lost the nifty fonts I had.. :: wails:: gonna take me bloody ages to get them again, as I don't remember where I got 'em...

lost all my mail too..... I know I should've made back ups.... :: sighs :: it's only been two months since I've reformatted last (but that time I really needed it as the OS was going bonkers) ... I still have no idea what happened to it today.... O_O but I bet Bill Gates has something to do with it somehow...probably another one of them 'security holes' Gates keep denying after thousands of people come forward regarding those...


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