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OKay this is getting more than just slightly irritating.... Some tit's been making missed calls to me for several days now... I've texted him and told him to stop, no response except more missed calls. I even told him to "F off" and he seemed to have understood for a few days, but now he starts again...


Moron's in Egypt... Can't get his number blocked... maybe he''ll get lost after a few more days...

And on another note apparently my parents managed to get into a fight with my bro's fiance's parents without actually seeing eachother face to face... :: headdesk:: oh I can see THAT as a fun relatives reunion if my bro and her ever do get married. Right now all of that's up in the air with the recent developments...

On yet another note...I think my brain's gonna explode before my Java final tomorrow... :: twitches::

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