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Interesting...first night in...months that I've slept with more serenity than before. I probably would've slept longer, but then...dang these morning classes. heh. maybe my body's telling me *slap* 'sleep woman' and I'm pretty much saying 'nyeh nyeh nyeh I'm not listening' ; I'm quite used to sleeping 2-3 hours a night without any trouble in the morning. Rather i think i sleep in little naps...I mean you can spend the time doing other more... fun things.

NIght's pretty much the time I do my writing and reading...A lot of the stuff I write is just random drabble that's not always finished. I still have a couple of Gate fics I've started on a whim sometime ago. One was meant to be a spoof of sorts, the other was meant to be a 'what if' thing taking root from "Window of Opportunity" (I should re-watch that episode, might get me started on writing that thing again...)

My main issue: I think too much about the details.. I should just write... but I end up going "nu-uh.. hang on, what if...." which frankly frustrates even me on some days. I mean I can't expect it of myself to turn out masterpieces all the dang time! These things take work, but no my mind's pretty much "no you should be able to write these things in a short time without much editing, etc, because hey you've done it once before! You can do it again.." :: headdesk:: yesh....Jess sets high standards for herself..

I need coffee...

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