Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Well good bye part of my paycheck.. gotta shell out a 100 for a new receiver. Arranged a deal with Showtime; it'll be their receiver and they'll replace it whatever the reason/problem if it arises in the future; whilst I'll have to pay the USD100 for the installation charges and the 'rent' of the receiver once. (I told them I can install it myself; all you have to do it plug it in and connect the wires; I've been doing that most of my life you'd think I know how to connect a simple receiver? But nope, they gotta do it otherwise I get no warranty... meh.. let 'em do it... (no doubt I'll end up doing it anyway; although granted the Showtime guys aren't as dense as some other technicians I've seen work on satellites....) ) I just hope they call me back ASAP; otherwise I'm gonna miss JAG...

That killed my phone credit too.... :: sniffles ::

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