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Job huntin'...

Looking for jobs online and tweaking my CV yet again...I'm too restless to just sit by idling around and just attending classes anymore... it's highly frustrating... I gotta be doing something more...something else... get some cash flowing into my bank account to replace the cash I paid up for this semester.

I'm not too sure of what the field I'm looking for either... looking for something in the media/journalism, education, entertainment industry now... how.. messed up is THAT?! Yes I'm not too sure of what I want to do in my life...

*beats head onna desk*

seriously considering taking the sound engineering course in the uni next to ours... (course, my folks will be against it "there's no demand for that" ...>.< who cares, I have the knack for it and I've done it before... like there's any demand for college students nowadays... *mutters* ; 's not that easy to find stuff...) especially when you're kinda lost yourself and not sure what it is you want to do and what you will be comfortable doing. yes the lirbary is all good and such, but....I need more choices than just the library. who knows, I might enjoy something else more than I enjoyed the library stuff.

Ears still ringing, heh...although I'm used to it now, I'll prbably be freaked out when they stop.

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