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OY! Quit playing with the lights!

Aiye... switch on my TV to catch Jay Leno and swooomp.. receiver's shot.... we had a blackout here at some point of us not being home ( when we came back most of my electronics were blinking 12:00 ) I recon they fried my receiver whilst connecting the lights for the villa a few villas accross cuz they're having a wedding today... (custom here, put the whole house in lights, and the locals normally connect to the central electricity grid in the neighborhood so they don't have to pay for the lights) I know it's the receiver because I checked (and double checked) the connections and the wiring; they're fine.

Going to leave the receiver off and unplugged for the night to cool down and see if it'll work tomorrow morning; if not me thinks I shall need a new one as this one's already been repaired twice and it ain't easy finding some of the spare parts for these things.


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