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Picked up my pay.... came back home; mom and dad decided to show te Sharjah Souq to some people who are leaving tomorrow... I tagged along.... thankfully... found another BA single! "On a Day Like Today" it's pretty much a miracle when you find singles like that here; mostly the singles are of the latest rappers and etc.... So now I'm onna hunt for BA singles! Only got 3... and a bunch, most of which are from UK; found just two here over the past few years....

Now I just need to sneak into Lamcy Plaza somehow; 's where I KNOW I can get what rjtremor will like for his birthday; but the shop in Lamcy Plaza is the only one I know off in UAE that sells this sorta stuff... (sorry RJ; can't afford the postage dues to the States for 100LBs just this year, so you're going to have to settle for something else for now... :P )

Day off tomorrow... of course I got two assignemnts to hand in plus a concert to do all on Wednesday.... so scratch the day off then.... ^_^;;

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