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Good News / Bad News

Yeah so.. good news/bad news sort of day...

Bad news: Today was officially my last day at the UOWD Library as a Library Assistant.  can't say I'm not bummed out about it (I certainly cried and thought how bloody unfair it was they hired someone who was 'qualification' wheras I think I'm more suitable for the job because of my eye for detail and ability to pick things up quickly. I have tenure, dammit!

I work well in a team and have always contributed nothing less than my best towards my duties at the library. I am able to think on my feet and always strive to be helpful towards the clients whether during my shift hours or outside of my shift hours. I feel comfortable working in a library environment and being able to help people not only in finding what they need and want swiftly, but also offering alternatives on finding something they are looking for or directing them to someone who can help them find what they are looking for.

I love books and this reflects on anything I do at the library. I take great care of the materials and make sure they’re in the right place and in the correct order on the shelves. During the busy peak hours when there are a lot of patrons to serve, I can multitask quite well and I work well under such pressure without many problems or issues.

I understand the requirements and duties imposed on me and set out by the library staff, and I’m not afraid to offer suggestions and opinions on how to improve things for the staff and the clients. I am very flexible and enjoy the work. To me this isn’t about the money earned, but about the job and helping other people. I am very eager to assist and help around the library whether during my official on-duty hours or not. I am very flexible with the working hours, if I am asked to come in at a certain time; I make sure I adjust my schedule accordingly to be there on time when needed.

Due to my familiarity with the collection of materials at the library I am efficient and quick at finding materials as well as keeping the shelves in the proper order so the patrons can find needed materials relatively easily. I often do the work that’s allotted for four hours in the two hours I’m on duty for. I am a very enthusiastic person towards my job. During the three years I have worked at the library I have yet to ‘get bored’ or glance at my watch and impatiently wonder when my shift is going to be up so I can go home. In fact when my shift ends, I very seldom want to go home, instead I want to stay and continue doing the work until the task has been completed.

and they pick someone who's got a 'degree' in this, but I've seen her at work... and hooboy...  *headdesk* but I can safely say, it's their loss in the end.  I kept things up there, I kept things together on the shelves in many ways, let's see how they'llg et on without me. To be honest, this is a new chapter in life for me on many levels... even if I'm still a bit bummed out about it and don't have a job yet. I'll find something suitable soon enough...just don't know what... yet...

In other, much brighter news:

Bagged the:
- Best Role Playing award for the 4th Annual betleH tourney
- Newcomer award
- Players' Choice Award

Last one was apparently won by a wide margin... landslide.... which.. did surprise me as it was voted by people; I know I'm writing tons for the tournament, but I didn't think I'd be...*that* popular or good. Didn't think a lot of people other than those I knew prior to the tourney and a few of the ones I've met at the tourney would be reading and enjoying my stuff... Not in my eyes anyway, apparently I have some sort of a ... inadequacy/low self esteem factor going on regarding my writing skills/role playing skills. There you have it folks, Jess is NOT a bad Role Player as some might've said in the past...or might think now. and this isn't an ego trip.

I do write tons for the tourney (it's still not fully over yet, wrapping up things) but...Quality over quantity. Apparently I'm not doing bad there. I mean some of the stuff I write doesn't really make much sense to me, but that's because it's coming from Jackie not from me (I think it's coming from her anyway...). I don't think I have to *really* understand what I'm writing (as long as others understand it and enjoy it ^^) One of the reasons I didn't want to go to the tourney was because I felt my writing skills wouldn't hold up against people there.

Going there definitely wasn't a mistake. And I really appreciate Dan for dragging me to that thing. Dan and K'Hare... and Jackie.. heh. Jackie Jackie really did want this quite intently. Gave me a headache a few times too... She doesn't regret doing this despite all the 'action' she's seen (all the bruises, injuries and battles and K'Vok chases, and Klingon buttkicking with Chadwick, and dinners and bloodwine and....things), neither do I.

And the awards are just the icing on the cake; the real awards to me are the relationships and friendships and possible storylines to pursue in the future I've made IC and OOC with people.I didn't really come into this to win awards (or 'all but sweep 'em' as K'Vok neatly put it. heh. ) icing on the cake, really. Biggest award has to be re-discovering a part of Jackie and cementing her into things deeper. making her more of a 3D character than just something 2D.

I know I'm hitting things right on the spot when the stuff I write makes people picture the scenes in their minds.

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