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one Guinness later.....

The round seven match:    (a joint post,...which was started  afew days ago)

and the deathmatch, well the setup to the deathmatch:  

deathmatch itself will be finished and posted in the same thread when I'm done with it... and the aftermath.. God, I hate sickbay scenes.. I really do... :S  but at least the deathmatch itself has about three pages of stuff now. Two if you go by the really usable stuff, I might scrap some of the scenes as I think they don't fit too well..

Aiy.. always an issue with writing sickbay scenes... I hate 'em myself (well I hate hospitals) she despises 'em even more.....

and yes i've been up all night at this.. heh. Still writing stuff though. good thing today isn't a college/work day for me, otherwise I'd get chased off to bed where I'd be forced to use Legal Pads to write my stuff there...
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