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Okay so much for trying to embarras my character at the betleH tournament by having her 'hit on' a Klingon (okay half Klingon) and then being courted by him, and then all that comes out 'in public'

Here's the story so far:

not quite the reaction I was expecting from her, but it's damn funny! Especially K'Hare's 'explanation'/demonstration. K'Hare's school of Hard Knocks is actually the formal school education, not just living life. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that just *might* explain why she got KOed in the next round... K'Hare demonstrated the Klingon mating rituals during lunch.

Although... I've lost track of all that's been going on so far in there and the sideplots I had..(not that I had many mind you, but..) and.. she does seem to be racking in the men.. O.o maybe it's the way she handles the betleH...  (or the way she handles the men :D ) Dang.. didn't think that one would happen... interesting how she seems to attract weirdos there..(hey, Alex, what's YOUR excuse? or right.. mentally unstable... figures)

At least T'Shir seems to have laid off for now...maybe it was the casual brush off she gave him last time we JPed, or...something. Half of me wishes he'd try again though, then she can go all 'slice'n'dice' on him... or just tell him to get in line! HAH! Hoenstly, between T'Shir and a half Klingon.. guess which one Jackie'd go for.... :P now granted if K'Hare really *was* hitting on her, no contest. :P  Be funny though..  but... don't think I wanna go down THAT road with Jackie just yet.... has enough on her plate being a new TFCO.....

and she's got a knack for getting intro trouble too it seems.. even though I was gonna keep her out of for most part.... aside the basic tournament battles.. nope.. gets into a bar fight...messes around with some Klingon prisoners with the Base's Security Officer (still gotta wright the fight scene to wrap that up.. O.o ) gets Knocked out in the fifth round (not my choice that one... ) gets into a deathmatch after round 7.... yeah I think I'm about to catch the Jackie that was there back in 2002-3... at least the knack for having trouble chasing her around.. dont' know if that's a "d'oh" or a "whoohoo"

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