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Mothers... oy

Yeah so I have a bit of a fight thingy with my  mum today regarding me being in the betleH tournament and how it eats up my time and apparently is 'useless' because it doesn't bring in any money....

for the matter she pointed out how I do stuff for other people and stuff in general that doesn't bring in any money (even if I do enjoy it) then complained I never tell her what I do in my spare time.. :: h eaddesk::  um.. ya mother.. I don't, because everytime I do tell you I'm enjoying something, you tell me "well how much do you earn for it?/what do you get out of it?" and apparently you dont' accept "nothing/enjoyment" as an answer to those questions... so why bother saying ANYTHING about what I do?

Plus the whole "you're hanging around the net chatting to people, do you even KNOW who they are?" Why yes! Actually.. I do! Does she?

Suffice to say I got very pissed, because she was pretty much "my PoV is right.....yours isn't" and I can't let her insult my friends in the ways she did. some of those people I cherish really deeply because of a variety of things they've done for me when I get those difficult life moments.

In the end for about an hour or so I was pretty much miffed at her in ways unimaginable (not to mention that killed my writing streak... was working on 4 posts for the tournament... )

but she came in and apologized..., and we talked it over, I explained it to her that the writing stuff I do is actually useful to me not just for enjoyment purposes, but you don't get published or anywhere else if your skills suck... plain and simple! You can't just go get a job right away, you have to look for it, and you aren't good at it right away either! yet she thinks I gotta be.

Like when I got my CELTA certificate, what'd she do? "why don't you have a job with it yet?" HELLO?! I just got the damn thing! Hnnngg :: tugs at hair::

So hopefully she understands better now...

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