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Heh... note to self... beat up Dan... for putting ideas in my head...*again* Although I still think me 'creating/establishing' the Caitians as a race is a wee bit too much, considering how much trouble I have with writing Jackie's bio alone.

One thing I barely slept (again...) this time, pretty much jackie kept me up. well rather I kept myself up thinking about how I can flesh her out. Made a few notes on my notepad. (i'm getting good at writing int he dark, I really am ^.^ ) It's actually better to some extent, you don't see what you wrote and just let your mind take over and write.

second thing I come to work, go upstairs to get a double espresso and end up telling them I want a double raktajino... so they give me this weird look... M'oops.. too IC? ah well at least I haven't asked for bloodwine, that would REALLY get me a few looks that I don't think I want to deal with.. maybe...

Got my hands on RedHat Fedorea Core 4 DVD from the library (came with Red hat Fedore 4 Unleashed) going to try installing that on my laptop tonight. After this, I really really really don't know why it wouldn't install.. >.> Consdering I'm following instructions to the letter... probably laptop config. Toshiba Satellite A-60. Still waiting on my Ubuntu CDs to arrive...So many choices in Linux... I really don't know what to settle on exactly.

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