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Kinda hard to do much stuff online when the net's hiccuping... >.> Course ISP goes "not our fault! we use Windows! maybe you should switch to IE"

Got work and two lectures tomorrow... Databases and Java... I don't really know which one to twitch more about.... probably Java, since it's... iffy.. although, huge thanks to Dan, he's linked me up to s very neat 'Thinking in Java' thing that's been helpful so far, even though I've only skimmed the first chapter of it. It's quite useful thus far, we'll see how it goes as things progress though.

And guess whose allergies are back now that the weather down here is warming up....? Yep... *headdesk* Maybe it's the lack of sleep in the last few days... think I had about 5 hours sleep the whole week.  fun...
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