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You know you're in trouble, when...

You have great difficulty describing/listing your skills on an application... O.o :: headdesk::

I find myself asking myself "what am I good at?!"  and the reply always comes back "nothing that'll get you a decent job, apparently"

So, I find myself looking at my life and trying to figure out what the hell I'm good at that can be considered a 'skill' in the workplace....I'm not good at judging myself, others around me can see what I'm good at or what I'm not good at. I can pretty much do what's required and beyond given time to learn/get the hang of it.

Jill of all trades...master of nothing, apparently... how typical..

Guys out there in LJ-land... those who know me to a degree anyway.. what do you think I'm good at? Aside the whole... multitasking/doing many things at once, bit? (though I do that to keep myself from getting bored by doing just one thing...otherwise i lose interest; but that's hardly a skill)
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