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Feb. 8th, 2006

First off... thanks a whole bunch to kristensk  for the FedEx package I received today. Really brightened up my day :)  and thanks muchly for the Stargate novels, I don't have either of them, I only have the first two they released back when the series was starting out.  got 'The Price you pay' and 'the First ammendment' and thanks muchly for the card too..  I'm gonna have trouble finding MacGyver-themed stuff for ya... heh.

Daily stuff...

 i'm still being a headcase....especially when it comes to my mind being 'idle' and/or wandering off to anything that's related to uni, my job at the library, or... other certain things....so I'm trying not to let it happen... otherwise it just breaks me to bits again. 's hard enough taking some of these things step by step .. definitely hard taking it all in at once...

Urge to get an electric guitar still rising. I think it'll be a good outlet for my.... stuff, to  a degree anyway. I've managed to pi ck up my acoustic guitar and play that , so... heh, but it is still not quite the same as it would be on an electric one. but it'll do for now I guess...

Zipped off to Mall of the Emirates today just to get out of the house and change the setting.. hooboy... PEOPLE.... UGH! kids.... aiy.. next time I'm going some place QUIET! or... something

and.. must've had a bad dinner... sent me to the b-room twice. and my stomach's doing the flips as I type this. last time I eat at MaccyDs in Emirates Mall...

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